Tswalu Bracelet Set (A2779)
Tswalu Bracelet Set (A2779)
Tswalu Bracelet Set (A2779)

Tswalu Bracelet Set (A2779)

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Twice The Love
This set of two bracelets includes Hematite beads, natural green Aventurine semi-precious chips, Erinite Swarovski crystals, burnished silver cross, flower and glitter ball charms.
Mix some natural beauty

Creating Lasting Memories

  • The magic begins by making the designer piece; from there a mold is created. Molten pewter or bronze is poured in and then the piece is worked on and polished by hand to give it the shape and texture that is desired.
  • This beauty is 100% handmade, in Cape Town, by us. Dipped and polished in solid silver or gold and burnished to give it its unique patina.
  • The use of other materials like crystals, pearls, semi-precious gemstones, leather and suede defines the brand’s magic!
  • All our gorgeous creations are hypoallergenic and go through various extensive quality controls.
Finally, your bold and eye-catching Armilla design is brought to life and is yours for the taking, babe!